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Project Anvil

Every journey starts somewhere. Mine started with seashells actually. Within a few hours my grand idea for a card game went from abstract to themed, back to abstract, to themed... on and on like that.

It started off being about seashells first. Something to do with lining them up, collecting certain kinds. I honestly can't even remember why it started with seashells but as I became more and more entranced with the mechanics of my seashells I fell farther and farther away from the theme. I've read some people start with a theme, some people start with the mechanics of the game. I guess I yo-yoed.

Seashells? Gods? Gems! Wait, this looks like Bejewled...scrap that. Magic. Spells! Spell components! I'm tired of magical things, lets scale it back to the iron, dirt and leather of blacksmithing. This is where I arrived at Anvil, which is what I'm calling our first project.

I will be updating as development goes along, however initial findings of playtesting are that "It's different. very different." and "let's play again, i'm going to win this time."

Expect exciting news next week. We may have an artist!

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